Collection: Photography Prints

Travelling Jewel welcomes you to a photography exhibition, where the essence of the Diamantina spirit unfolds through a captivating display of aerial photography.

Each photograph presented here is more than a mere image - it is a window into a world where the boundless expanse of the outback becomes a canvas of colors and textures, inviting you to journey beyond the horizon and explore the depths of your imagination.

As you immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry woven by the ancient riverbeds and desert sands, let curiosity be your guide. From the intricate patterns etched upon the land to the delicate interplay of light and shadow, each photograph sparks curiosity and beckons you to uncover the hidden stories that lie beneath the surface.

I am Sam Watkins and through my lens, I seek to inspire action - to ignite a passion for preservation and a reverence for the natural wonders that surround us. For in the delicate balance of nature, we find solace, strength, and a profound connection to the world around us.

May my work serve as a reminder of the beauty that lies within our reach and inspire action to preserve and protect the precious wonders of our world. Join me in celebrating the majesty of the outback, where every photograph is a testament to the enduring Spirit of the Diamantina and the timeless allure of the desert sands.

Together with my husband, Greg we relocated to Birdsville in 2022 from central Victoria. As an avid photographer i have spent many hours in the air, capturing these stunning images of the local area. A view many do not get to experience. During the week you will find me at the Birdsville Fuel Service & Post Office, so drop in and say hi.

The images have been professionally printed and framed and contain non reflective glass. The framed images can be purchased at a price of $575 each.                 SAM